About Sam

returning-heroA beloved public servant for North Texas, Sam often ranks among the most respected conservatives in Congress. His North Texas constituents affirm their support for his service as a highly effective legislator and his strong stand on issues and values important to the Third District. In the 2014 Republican primary, four out of five citizens voted for Sam, giving him a decisive 81% victory in a crowded four-way Republican field. In the November election, Sam earned 82% of the vote. These margins demonstrate the depth and breadth of support for Sam Johnson and his continued public service.

A graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School, Sam went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and a Master’s degree in Industrial Administration from George Washington University. Sam currently attends Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, where he finds spiritual encouragement through the way friend and Pastor Chuck Swindoll preaches the Good News about Jesus.

A decorated combat veteran and devoted patriot, Sam gave 29 years to his country when he wore the uniform as an Air Force fighter pilot in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Sam flew with the renowned Air Force Thunderbirds precision flying team and served as the director of the Air Force Fighter Weapons School (“Top Gun”), among other achievements.

During his second tour of duty, Sam took enemy fire over North Vietnam while flying an F-4 Phantom. He was shot down on April 16, 1966, and spent nearly seven years as a Prisoner of War, more than half of that time in solitary confinement.

Forced into solitary because his captors labeled him a “die hard” for his fierce devotion to America, Sam endured seemingly never-ending torture sessions, grueling isolation, prolonged starvation, and was forced to wear leg-stocks and leg-irons for several years. Sam was also forced by the communist North Vietnamese to attend his own mock-execution in front of a firing squad while blindfolded and bound.

Beaten mercilessly for his unwavering resistance, Sam’s war injuries still aggravate and pain him to this day…as evidenced by his slower gait and his unusually strong, one-of-a-kind handshake. But the enemy did not break his spirit, as demonstrated by his resounding throw-your-head back, loud deep-belly, heart-warming laugh. “When you spend ten percent of your life in captivity, you really appreciate the little things,” Sam notes with a soft smile.

Sam returned home to Texas in February 1973 as part of Operation Homecoming.

An ardent defender of freedom and free-enterprise, Sam votes with the concerned citizens of the Third District in mind. Whether it is voting to repeal ObamaCare, shrinking the size and scope of the government, getting America’s fiscal house in order, lowering taxes, or reducing red-tape and regulation, Sam believes unleashing the full potential of the American economy depends on people and innovation, not bureaucrats and big government.

An unabashed advocate of freedom and free enterprise, Sam sits on the prestigious tax-writing Ways and Means Committee and heads the Social Security Subcommittee.